"We put our human bodies through a lot of stress starting at the teen years and on through adulthood so… thank heavens we have chiropractors. These practices are much better for muscle and joint aches and pains versus taking medicine. Dr. Foster’s office has helped me tremendously and it’s also a fun experience. The staff is always laughing. This is also good for the body and soul.

Dr. Foster always gives helpful information to improve your health… stretches, proper food guidelines, techniques to use at home. Dr. Foster and Joi truly care about their patients."

- N. Kyle

"After chiropractic care I’ve been able to do day-to-day activities again. Sitting, standing, or just trying to relax seemed near to impossible, and after chiropractic care it all became easier.

In my course of treatment at this practice I am most pleased with being able to breathe and relax without being in extreme pain."

- K. Elvington

"The care has made me more conscious of my day-to-day activity. I’m more aware of posture and movements. I’ve learned new ways to strengthen the problem area for improved mobility.

I am very pleased with the level of care and attention to detail, and the individualized care and personal treatment.

I would recommend GHCW to anyone who is seeking chiropractic care."

- J. Whaley

"I like the genuine care and attention. I am a hairdresser and now I don’t have shooting or lingering pain as I do repetitive motions over and over. When I first came here, I couldn’t bend over to pick anything up and that hasn’t returned since I’ve been coming here."

- M. Slohoda

"I have had chronic discomfort in my hips since having children. Regular chiropractic treatment has greatly reduced that pain as well as the corresponding discomfort in the related areas such as my low back and knees. Additionally, I have become far more aware of habits or tendencies with posture and body movements that contribute to discomfort.

Dr. Foster is personable and attentive to any chiropractic needs I may have at my appointments. Despite starting treatment due to hip discomfort, I have since come in for various ailments and she has tended to each one with skill and patience."

- K. Meeks

"Chiropractic care changed my life and gave me freedom of movement that had been lost. It relieved pinched nerves that had been making me miserable!

Dr. Foster has a gentle, healing touch and an amazing knowledge of the spine.

I have been using chiropractic care for forty years and Dr. Foster is the very best I have found! I highly recommend her!"

- C. Lyons

"It has enabled me to move more freely. No more back pain.

To a friend or family member who was curious about chiropractic care I would say go and give it a try. It has changed my life; Dr. Ila is the best! She explains what’s going on with your body and outlines treatment.

I didn’t realize I needed work until after I saw my daughter’s treatment. It has been a blessing."

- V. Baker

"During the summer of 2014, I went through a time of transition. I was leaving a Live-in- Volunteer position that I held for a year and moving into a full time position as the coordinator of the program that I was responsible for creating. I was also leaving a job that I loved and was offered the ability to move up in the company, and looking for my first apartment. All of this proved to be very stressful for me and my body took it extra hard.

I began getting terrible migraines. I would get dizzy spells and it would get so bad my vision would start to get hazy. It was starting to make even the simplest tasks hard and it was not good for my drive during rush hour from Nashville to Murfreesboro every day for work. Dr. Ila came into Sophia’s Heart offering free adjustments to the staff. I have to admit I was a little skeptical. I have never gone to a chiropractor before and I couldn’t see how cracking my back could help with my headaches.

Needless to say my view has completely changed. I felt immediately better after my first visit. By my 3rd visit my migraines were GONE! This has been something that has been a constant source of discomfort for years and in a matter of weeks I was cured! I haven’t had a migraine since. Dr. Ila is so sweet and patient. She doesn’t just provide a wonderful service she does it in genuine kindness and care. I honestly don’t know where I would be without her generosity."

- H. Breaux

"Dr. Ila, is the best! She goes out of her way to make sure that her clients’ needs are met, whatever it takes, every time. She sincerely cares, and often offers suggestions of things patients can do in between appointments to promote their physical health. Meeting Dr. Ila has been a tremendous blessings. I’m so glad we found you!"

- T. Jordan

"I’ve always been skeptical of chiropractic services but when I met Dr. Ila Foster she not only took the time to explain the benefits of chiropractic services to me, she shared with me why I was having back pain and neck pain based on me telling her my daily routine. And after two sessions with her my back pain went away and after 4 to 5 session my neck pain stopped (ok, so now I am a believer). Then she gave me some simple techniques to do before I workout and while I am sitting at my computer. So with a weekly tune up from Dr. Ila and following her simple techniques I am free of back and neck pain. So go to Dr. Ila Foster and she will hook you up!"

- C. Harris, Executive Director of Sophia’s Heart

“Dr. Ila has been such a blessing to our staff here at Sophia’s Heart. Every time I have used her services she always makes me feel so comfortable and relaxed, and I always walk out feeling a little bit taller and my body more aligned! Thank You Dr. Ila!"

- T. Totty

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